Quest Master paves a puzzling path on PC via Steam Early Access

Quest Master, the dungeon-designing sandbox adventure from publisher and development studio Apogee Entertainment, developer Julian Creutz, and co-developer Skydevilpalm, paves a puzzling path on PC via Steam Early Access!

Raise a sword, don a shield, and become the ultimate Quest Master. Set off on an everlasting adventure alongside Lanze, Javelynn, and Shiv, fearless friends protecting the land of Aetheria. Construct imaginative dungeons across a kingdom crawling with chaos. Join up to two daring explorers to discover the dangers lurking below, and mastermind mazes to challenge friends and fellow community members across the globe.

Create custom layouts and transform desolate dungeons into sprawling multi-level labyrinths across different locales, from foggy forests to newly-added sand-swept deserts. Drag and drop objects with intuitive creator tools to fabricate chambers full of skill-testing obstacles, wretched enemies, and bountiful baubles. Trip, trick and trap travelers with clever contraptions including retracting ground spikes, blade traps, timed explosives, and other heart-pounding hazards.

Descend the depths with like-minded heroes in local couch co-op. Cut down dungeon-dwelling snakes, skeletons, and bats, or throw a boomerang for long-ranged attacks. Practice combat and movement skills in the Dojo, then speedrun through community-created levels to etch a world-record time into the online leaderboards.

Questing alone? Solo-conquer multiplayer maps by swapping between characters in Puppet mode. Or, take a break from dungeon-crawling and explore the charming Castle Town overworld filled with a plethora of mini-games.

“The reception of Quest Master’s demo has been incredible. 260 dungeons have been created since the demo launched 3 weeks ago. Now that the Early Access launch has landed, we’re diving deep into new features for 1.0,” said Julian Creutz, Lead Developer of Quest Master. “This is just the beginning for our fans, new and returning. We’re crafting an experience that we believe will inspire dungeon designers for years to come.”

8/10 - (1 голос)

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