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Charisma, a new breakthrough immersive graphic mobile app

Developed by To Play For, the interactive narrative games company, Charisma opens up with adaptations of graphic novels series from French comic book publisher Delcourt to create stunning stylised settings across titles from Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London and Akademy to the supernatural Shadows of the Strix to post-apocalyptic novel Centaurus.

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Guy Gadney, CEO of To Play For and Charisma.ai, commented: “Once audiences have finished stories in their linear form we are seeing that they want to dive into more immersive experiences – something we term ‘vertical bingeing’ – spending time with the characters and stories they already love.”

Charisma, a new breakthrough immersive graphic mobile app
Charisma, a new breakthrough immersive graphic mobile app

Audiences want to get closer to the stories they love, and Charisma takes this to a new level that has only recently been possible through the creative use of natural language processing technology.

“We are very pleased to be working with Delcourt to bring the richness of their print titles to life interactively. To create soundworlds that bring these stories to life in ways which push the limits of interactive music and sound design, we have commissioned original soundtracks from John Matthias (Radiohead, Coldcut), Jay Auborn (dBs Studio), sound design specialists Ergonoise, and Storyfutures. Our initial audiences have told us they feel fully inside the story, and are engaging with the story in a way that was previously impossible.”

Launch titles

Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London. Sherlock is undercover investigating strange reports of vampires in Paris and London. You join him and his brother Mycroft in the midst of the action to help Sherlock solve the mystery.

Shadows of the Strix. The first story in an 18-book series uncovering the supernatural Strix – gargoyle beings in hiding across the globe influencing human affairs. You are pulled into the story by FBI agent Kevin Nivek, initially to look into an attempted assassination of the US President, but soon the story takes a more supernatural turn.

Akademy. A four-title series where you are placed undercover into a group of renegades recruited by a secret government agency to take part in ‘off the books’ missions. Full of fun, action, and misfits, Akademy gives you all the friends you wish you never had.

Centaurus. The last 10,000 people from Earth set off from the dying planet to find a new home. Now approaching the habitable planet Nova, you join them as they reach their destination. But this planet is not as uninhabited as it seemed…

About To Play For and Charisma

To Play For develops breakthrough new interactive experiences using its proprietary platform Charisma.ai, which uses artificial intelligence to understand and interpret what audiences are saying, and provide the appropriate responses from characters in context.

As well as the Charisma app, the company works with broadcasters, networks and television companies to extend TV show engagement between series, and innovates new forms of storytelling through its open Writers Rooms workshops.

To Play For recently announced it is co-producing a major new interactive drama for Sky Studios’ series Bulletproof with Vertigo Films in the UK. To Play For also announced the opening of its LA studio in early 2020.

About Delcourt

Delcourt is France’s third largest comic book publisher, producing over 480 comics per year.

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